Dear Colleague —

I think I know why you’ve joined me on this journey of positive leadership. You dream BIG. You have the capacity for seeing the future you’d like to create. You have the desire and the ability to affect positive change in your own life and at work.

You know your work culture could be richer and more nourishing, and you’d like to be the one to make it more fulfilling and more fun for yourself and everyone who works with you, and for your customers.

You’re ready to take your next step. A step into a more masterful way of leading and interacting with others. You want to become a “Positive Energizer”, someone who can inspire, invigorate, and elevate others using the evidence based tools of Positive Psychology – the Science of Happiness.

By joining me on this journey, you are accessing the broad knowledge base and wisdom of a Positive Leadership Coach. Wise move. Over the years I’ve had countless clients and colleagues just like you, people who had the courage to tackle the obstacles before them to seek positive transformation.

In this program, we’ll combine the best of my wisdom with the best of yours. Together we’ll co-create a way of being that celebrates strengths and you’ll learn to work in this same collaborative way with everyone around you, energizing yourself, your co-workers, your colleagues and, of course, your customers.

You know that a good work experience is essential to having a good life; and I want even more for you. Together we’ll go from good to great, in both work and life.

Creating and maintaining a positive and customer focused culture is the KEY to being a great company to work for and a great company to do business with. I’m here to give you practical steps you can implement right away.

If I’m right about you, then I’m sure you’re saying, “Let’s get started!”

Yes, let’s get started creating positive change, energizing those around you and living a better life. If you commit to this program, the positive change you create around you will reach further and further out until you transform the customer experience and beyond.

It starts with you my dear colleague. You are the point of origin, the pebble in the pond. It all starts with you.

With gratitude and admiration,


Meet Your Instructor

joannaWhen top executives want to increase their customer happiness, they call on JoAnna Brandi for guidance and inspiration. In the Customer Retention and Loyalty business for over 25 years, JoAnna has an ‘insider’s’ look on why loyalty efforts succeed – and why they fail. JoAnna, a Happiness Coach for the last eleven years, uses evidence based practices from the field of Applied Positive Psychology (aka the Science of Happiness) to help companies activate the link between increased positivity and increased profitability by teaching leaders to outsmart their happiness setpoints and those of their teams. (Outsmart happiness setpoints and unlocking the reserve of discretionary effort)

JoAnna, the author of two books on Customer Loyalty and one on Positive Living has worked with hundreds of companies in a wide range of industries. She’s a highly rated public speaker – once named Inc. Magazine’s # 1 conference speaker – and challenges those in her audiences to become ‘Positive Energizers’ in their companies. She’s the publisher of the Customer Care Coach Leadership program and the author of well over 500 articles. JoAnna’s mission is to see workplaces become happy places where profit, purpose and positivity go hand in hand to create a positive “spillover” effect enriching families and communities alike.

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