The Practice of Positive Leadership


The Practice of Positive Leadership: Use the Science of Happiness to Keep Employees Engaged and Customers Happy was designed specifically for leaders who want to inspire, motivate and elevate others to go far beyond “customer satisfaction” and aim for Customer Happiness.

It will teach you to energize yourself, your team and your customers for a hefty R.O.H. – Return on Happiness.



In this course you will:

Dive deep into understanding how emotional intelligence impacts your team and customers

Learn how to outsmart your own “Happiness Setpoint” and that of your teams

Increase your “Positivity Ratio” as well as productivity and performance

Become a more mindful and intentional leader

Use an elegant and easy tool to keep your most important relationships on TRACK

Have the opportunity for reflection and recalibration of your leadership skills

Expand your notion of your leadership’s impact and connect to your desire to make a difference

Learn to practice (headed for mastery) two simple communication tools that will revolutionize your co-worker relationships

Challenge yourself to choose what you want “to be famous for”

Design a map of the future you create with your organization’s “Positive Spillover”

Become a Positive Energizer – which is four times more important in terms of impact than your title or your place in the hierarchy

The course includes:

A robust leadership journal

Positivity Practices, which will help you master new positive habits.

An emotional intelligence assessment

A strengths tool which will help you discover your strengths and your teams.

Overachievers section for further learning and expansion