Affiliate FAQ

I have taken the most common questions our affiliates have had and compiled them here for your reference.

Who is my main point of contact?
If you have any issues you can email JoAnna Brandi at

What is the commission I’m earning?
You’ll receive 35% commission for every sale you make using your referral link. If you’d like to discuss the opportunity for a higher earning potential, please contact me.

How do I track my sales?
You can track your sales in your Affiliate Area.

Is there anywhere I shouldn’t put my Referral URL or where my sales won’t be tracked correctly?
Put your Referral URL anywhere it would be appropriate to talk about the course. For more information, check out the Affiliate Best Practices page to help get some ideas on how to best share your Referral URL.

Will all of my sales get tracked?
No system on the internet is perfect, affiliate tracking is no different. This affiliate system is state of the art, and has been purposefully developed to accurately track the users as they come from your Referral URL, however, it still leverages certain technologies like cookies that can be disabled by the end user if they switch their device, don’t allow cookies, or clear their cache. That doesn’t happen often, but it can. Our system can reliably track about 98 – 100% of the sales. If you ever feel it’s missed someone please let us know.

How often do I get paid?
Affiliates are paid once a month. We will do all affiliate payouts at the end of each month.

Who can sign up to become an affiliate?
Anyone who is interested in promoting The Practice of Positive Leadership online course to their leadership focused audience whether it’s large or small.

If I refer another affiliate, can I get paid for that?
Unfortunately, not at this time.

Is there a commission cap?

If someone has an issue with the product, to whom do I refer them?
You should refer them to the Technical Support link located in the footer of this website.