Affiliate Best Practices

To get started, you can share your Referral URL anywhere you would communicate with your audience. On this page, I’ve outlined a few best-practices for sharing your Referral URL with your audience.

Your Website
The easiest way to promote The Practice of Positive Leadership is to add one of the affiliate banner ads below to your website or blog. If there’s a particular size you need, then please reach out to let me know what you need. To add a banner ad to your site, just copy the code listed below the ad and paste it into the page you’d like it featured on. Your Referral URL will be automatically included in the code for the ad. We’ll do our best to help you.

Your Blog

Another popular way to share your Referral URL is to write a blog post about The Practice of Positive Leadership: Use the Science of Happiness to Keep Employees Engaged and Customers Happy. For example, you can write about how the course helped you connect with your employees, which in turn saw customer happiness improve. Include one of the banner ads below by either copying and pasting the code into your blog post or right-clicking on the image and then “Save Image As”. Then all you have to do is upload it to the media library on your website and insert it into the post.

If you have a newsletter that you send out to your audience on a regular basis then this is a great way to reach a large number of people. If you’ve written a blog post that includes your Referral URL then you can simply include a link to that blog post in your email newsletter. Or you could add a creative to the newsletter and include your Referral URL directly in the newsletter itself – the choice is yours!

Social Media

Promoting the course on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is a great way to reach a large number of people quickly. Use your Referral URL to promote the course directly on your social media accounts and then use one of our sample social media posts to entice your audience to click on the link. To tie in our previous suggestions, you could also share a link to the blog post you wrote about the course. Be sure to include an banner ad (you can find these if you scroll down the page) with your social media posts as posts that contain an image are far more likely to be clicked than those without one. To add an ad, right click on the image you’d like to use and click “Save Image As” to include it in your social post.

I’ve included links to my social media platforms for you to link to if you need them:

Sample Social Media Posts

I’ve put together a selection of posts for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for you. Please be sure to insert your Referral URL in the post so that you get credit for the sale. I recommend using a link shortener like or so that you are able to track the amount of engagement and clicks that your link is receiving.

Your Referral URL: [affiliate_referral_url url=””]

Short Posts:

Are your customers happy? Do they tell their friends about you? If not, you need The Practice of Positive Leadership from @KeepEmHappy: [insert Your Referral URL here]

Are you having issues with your employee engagement? It’s amazing the number of things it can impact – including your bottom line. Learn more in The Practice of Positive Leadership online course [insert Your Referral URL here]

Practice positive leadership with @KeepEmHappy’s new online course The Practice of Positive Leadership [insert Your Referral URL here]


Long Posts:

How do companies like Apple, Home Depot, and Southwest Airlines get their customers to rave about them? Find out some of the secrets to customer happiness in The Practice of Positive Leadership online course from JoAnna Brandi [insert Your Referral URL here]

78% of employees say that they would work harder if their efforts were recognized and 55% say they are more engaged when they feel respected by their leaders. – Learn how to engage employees and increase your bottom line with the new online course from JoAnna Brandi: The Practice of Positive Leadership [insert Your Referral URL here]

Differentiate yourself as a leader, help keep your staff engaged, motivated and happy to deliver exquisite customer experiences every day. The Practice of Positive Leadership online course uses science-based practices of Positive Psychology to impact your bottom line! Learn more: [insert Your Referral URL here]

Affiliate Banner Ads
Below you will find several graphics that you can use to promote The Practice of Positive Leadership online course. Typically these are used in blog posts, newsletters, on your social media platforms, or as a button on your website. To use an affiliate creative, simply choose the image that fits your specific application and copy the associated code. Then just place this code on your website or in your blog post and you’re done! You can also right click on the image you’d like to use and click “Save Image As” to add it to your media library or include it in a social post or in an email newsletter.